Meanwhile, in the Netherlands - More impressions from the ILAB Pop Up Book Fair in Haarlem

The Dutch dealers are amazing, their events on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day clearly belong to the highlights of 23 April 2015. The ILAB Pop Up Book Fair at Haarlem Station, waiting room at perron 3a, was organized by Antiquariaat A.G. van der Steur, Veilinghuis Bubb Kuyper and Antiquariaat De Vries en De Vries. They wrote to us:

"Lots of train travellers found it a lovely surprise to be able to visit a pop up book market just before entering their trains. Unfortunately no delayed trains (unusual for The Netherlands) so mostly short visits with enthusiastic people. The free book and print valuation was a great success. People had to stand in a line to wait for their turn. Many people liked to donate ..."

Thank you very much to the Dutch dealers at Haarlem and especially to Arine van der Lely-van der Steur for sending the lovely pictures.

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