1 pm, Sydney, Australia – A virtual visit at the State Library of New South Wales

The Australian booksellers are doing great in Sydney! I know, because I have been there via Skype. Sally Burdon took me with her through the rooms, showed me the most exciting books, and introduced me to some colleagues and visitors. Sure, one may blame the internet for being anonymous and not the real thing. And of course, it IS not the real thing, but meeting the booksellers down under, while half asleep sitting in front of your computer screen, is indeed a kind of experience I would not like to have missed!

ANZAAB President Jörn Harbeck told me that the preview for librarians from 11 am to 12 noon was a big success. And despite of the weather outside – thunderstorm in Sydney – the visitors are coming in. The sales are good, says Jörn Harbeck. Sally Burdon introduces me to the exhibitors. I meet Kay Craddock, Louella Kerr, Paul Feain, Nicholas Pounder, Peter Tinslay and many others.

The Empty Bookcase Posters – 10 at a big wall – are filling with spines. Tory Norton of Hordern House is collecting the money for the UNESCO literacy projects in South Sudan. Congratulations! The Australian Pop Up has been open for an hour, and there are already 850 Australian dollars for the school children in South Sudan!

An excellent start!

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