Good Morning from Germany, Good Night to Seattle – Pictures from the ILAB Pop Up Book Fair 2015, at Seattle’s Sorrento Hotel

Finally, after 23 joyful hours of blogging the day, I had been falling asleep for a moment. So please excuse that the pictures from the ILAB Pop Up Book Fair in Seattle, taking place from 4 to 8 pm, local time, at the Sorrento Hotel, are posted with a short delay.

The ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs have been “a huge success”, Sheppard’s confidential writes in its last night issue (thank you Richard), the fairs had a great media coverage with an excellent article – and a picture gallery – in The Guardian, to mention only one of many mentions worldwide, and an abundance of posts and tweets in the social media. 

Back to Seattle’s Sorrento Hotel, home to artists, intellectuals and business travelers. ABAA/ILAB booksellers Boris Bruton, Taylor Bowie, John Lang, Ed Smith and Priscilla Anne Lowry presented a wonderful array of antiquarian books, maps, prints, and ephemera, and they continued the work of their colleagues around the world filling Empty Bookcase posters with “symbolic book spines” to raise money for UNESCO and the school children in South Sudan. (By the way, if you had not the chance to visit an ILAB Pop Up Fair and wish to show your support, go to the UNESCO website and click the “donate” button.)

A while ago, Ed Smith wrote: “We don't have to tell you how great Seattle is, or its environs, we just might mention the home of the Seahawks and Mariners, Microsoft, Boeing, an historically great music scene – where Jimi Hendrix was born and Ray Charles played his first piano lines -, The Seattle Aquarium, University of Washington, The Space Needle, the Great Wheel at Colman Dock, Starbucks, the EMP Museum, The Seattle Art Museum, the Tate Museum, Bill Gate's house …”

Now we may add: Seattle is also the home of the final event of an amazing and exciting series of ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs across the world on 23 April 2015. See the pictures:

By Barbara van Benthem, ILAB Web Editor

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  1. The beer selection at this place was great and rotates often. Everyone who works at New York venues makes you feel welcome. They remember your favorite drink and you will be glad to tweet about them.