11.30 to 4 pm, Portland, Oregon - Bridge City, Beer City, BOOK City: a brew pub hosts one of the final ILAB Pop Up Fair on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day 2015!

24 hours of ILAB Pop Up Fairs across the world on April 23, 2015 – this is ILAB’s contribution to the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day! As the earth turns, book fairs "pop up" in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The day started with an ILAB Pop Up Fair celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday at the State Library of New South Wales followed up by antiquarian booksellers showing amazing books, prints and manuscripts in the most unusual and unexpected locations: in woolsheds, restaurants, museums, libraries, a synagogue, in the streets of New York, in Groningen’s Folkingestraat or on a boat cruising the canals in Amsterdam.

Here in Portland, Oregon local ILAB dealers Elisabeth Burdon, Nat Des Marais, and Charles Seluzicki present a display and sale of antiquarian books and ephemera to highlight the cultural heritage of the book. Recognizing the important place that books hold in the dissemination of knowledge, they continue the work of their colleagues around the world to fill a "virtual bookcase" as participants and visitors donate money to buy books for schools in South Sudan.

To make the event authentically “Portland," - the home of "more breweries (and bookshops) than any other city on earth," - they are gathering at a brew pub, the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne Boulevard, a short walk over the Hawthorne Bridge from downtown Portland.  Whether you think of this beautiful city on the Willamette River as Book City, Bridge City or Beer City, Portlanders are mixing fun with the serious purpose of the international community of booksellers of promoting literacy around the world.

Thanks to Jessica Doyle from AbeBooks for representing them and their generous donation.

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