Do you know Bouba & Zaza?

Bouba and Zaza are the heroes of a series of children’s books initiated by UNESCO and conceived to help children in South Sudan develop life and socialization skills. The Bouba and Zaza series cover subjects affecting the lives of African families that parents are sometimes reluctant to address. These include various topics such as war and conflict, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the issue of water resources and environmental protection.


Now, Bouba and Zaza also appear on YouTube. Have a look!

ILAB will help UNESCO to bring as many Bouba and Zaza books as possible to the children in South Sudan! All money  raised at the ILAB Pop Up Fairs worldwide on UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April 2015, will be used to buy these books!

Reading is fundamental human right!

Make a donation! Help ILAB and UNESCO to help the children in South Sudan!

(Pictures: UNESCO, ILAB)

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