23 April 2015 - ILAB booksellers have brought the books to the people!

Now, as the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day is almost over - two more events are taking place right now in Chicago and in Seattle and we are waiting for the pictures - I think of all events which appeared in ILAB's bibliophile Mexican Wave from Sydney to Tokyo, Cape Town, all over Europe and then to the United States. They were all different, in woolsheds, on boats, in pubs, campervans, libraries, streets, clubs, and yes, the ILAB booksellers have brought the books to the people. What a wonderful idea, and what a wonderful species of ILAB booksellers who put it into practice, all at one day, 23 April 2015.

Here are some more pictures from Groningen, where Antiquariaat Isis and the Dutch colleagues created something unique: an ILAB Pop Up Book Fair Street.

Look at the pictures and simply enjoy!

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